Scott Schultz
Scott Schultz


Ultimate Sandbag DVRT Level 2 Certified

Level 1 Stick Mobility Certified

Titleist Performance Institute Level 1

Kettlebell Flow Certified

Gray Institute Functional Golf System Specialist

Gray Institute Chain Reaction


Katherine Roberts Human Performance for Athletes

Premier Fitness Systems Golf Mobility Coach

Owner/Fitness Coach

Scott Schultz

I’ve been an athlete all my life. From my earliest memories I never sat still, was always active, and never met a sport I haven’t at least tried once. I was always that short, skinny kid who never was taught or coached to lift weights. When I turned 14, my concentration was solely on golf. Golf is my passion. I’ve played countless amateur golf tournaments (have won a few!) and even tried my hand at US Open qualifiers. I’ve caddied in US Open local and sectional qualifiers, the US Senior Women’s Open, Hooters Tour, and to date, my best moment is caddying in the 2011 John Deere Classic.
Like a lot of people who want to or aspire to workout - I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t start any kind of workout regime until 2009. The fitness style was totally foreign to me but I watched and learned the best I thought I could. Soon I was gaining confidence in what I could do and even did well in some amateur competitions. As I progressed I found that the inner skinny kid in me wanted to do more than my body was capable of doing. My wakeup call was hurting my hip during a workout, pushing through without regard to my wellbeing, having a coach not stop me, and literally crawling out of the box because I couldn’t walk. I knew there had to be a better way to workout and that summer I found my nirvana in Scottsdale, AZ where my eyes were opened to what better movement patterns and programming could be to improve my life. Little did I know that next year I would lose my corporate job but the seed had been planted for Impact already.